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About us

Quickspot is a custom funding boutique which prides itself upon it’s speed, integrity, and trust. We have come to realize the importance of speed, and flexibility in funding, and we know how important it is to you too. With our human based technology, we are able to underwrite all businesses within 24 hours. The computer takes 5 seconds, the other 23 are man hours. We ensure every business is broken down to it’s key components of cash inflow and outflow, so we can offer the best possible offer for your business


Our platform to fund allow us to expedite the funding process, while not compromising on the quality. We ensure our systems are constantly being updated with the information that is being gathered from current business environments, to ensure the cutting edge rates and terms.


Have a question? Call in at any time and ask. We are here to help throughout the whole process. This of course, means that you don’t receive a call from us first with all the approval information you have.


Business Loans
Term Loans
Business Lines of Credit

How It Works

We need 6 months of business bank statements, along with the financing application. Once we receive them, we will email you back confirming that we have received everything on our end, and have begun processing them. If there are any questions along the way, you can feel free to reach out at any time

your application and bank statements. Gain access to our expansive capital to widen your lending capabilities and strengthen your relationships within your business and with your clients
You Approve
loan offers. After applying, you can view multiple offers in real time. You should receive higher offers with more favorable terms for your clients, all due to our relationships.
Sign & Receive Money
your clients. Allow us to coordinate the transfer of funds to your clients and your commissions. We can also present the offers and close the sale for you.

The Quickspot Difference

Quickspot was built with the business owner in mind. Rather than a business transaction, we see each borrower as a partner. Each time you borrow we are investing in your business’s growth, and you are a client of ours. We promise to cater to your every need, and ensure all your deadlines are hit. We ensure to help our clients grow their business, and most importantly, their profits

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